Compressed air microbial contamination testing

The Filtration and Separation Division of Parker Hannifin Corporation has introduced an innovative compressed-air microbial detection device that allows users to quickly test for microbial contamination in compressed air that comes into contact with food and food contact surfaces.

The device is easy to use and portable, weighing less than one pound, and is supplied with connection tubing, shut-off valve, pressure regulator and metering orifice.

The warm, dark, moist environment inside a compressed air system provides the perfect conditions for microbes to flourish and grow. These bacteria get compressed along with the air and begin their journey through the compressed air system.Introducing this type of microbial contamination to food products is very risky and would be considered as lack of control by the facility.

It is not always apparent where the compressed air is contacting the food. Working surfaces like counters and conveyors are obvious and manageable contact points. However, air is invisible, and leaves no visible trace where it contacts the food, food contact surfaces, or the packaging.

Here‘s more info, and this is what it looks like:



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