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Compressed Air Basics | Air Compressor Guide
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Compressed Air Basics

Learn about pressure, volume and capacity. More importantly, learn how they work together in your compressed air system.

Learn about pressure drop, free air delivery and other units. Learn the basic rule of thumbs and standard practices, calculations, and more.

Units in compressed air land

Here's an overview off all the units used in compressed air land, like pressure, air flow and volume.

There are many different units in use, and it can get confusing pretty quickly. I've included an explanation for every unit to make things clear.

Rules of thumb

It's always handy to know a few rules of thumb, to make some quick estimations.

For example, there are rules of thumb to calculate the required compressor size, air receiver size and piping size. And there are rules of thumb to calculate yearly energy costs, or energy wasted through leaks and pressure drop.

I've made an overview of some common rules of thumb in compressed air land.

Compressed Air Basics

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