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About me

Hi, My name is Cas and I am crazy about air compressors! I started this website to help YOU learn more about air compressors, and help you with everything related to air compressors.

yours trulyThis is me standing next to a portable air compressor (Atlas Copco XA 186) (this picture was taken quite a few years ago ;) Whenever I spot an air compressor somewhere, I like to stop and take a picture for my collection :)

How did I learn all this stuff? My whole professional life I have worked with air compressors. I worked for the biggest air compressor manufacturer in the world as an engineer and product specialist. And I worked in various engineering jobs where air compressors were used or were vital for the correct operation. Which simply means: I know everything about air compressors.

Plus, I love air compressors and take any chance I get to learn more about them! I have created this site, to:

  • Teach you about air compressors and how they work
  • Teach you how to better take care of your air compressor
  • Teach you how to save money on maintenance and spare parts
  • Teach you how to buy the best air compressor for you (and save money in the process).
  • Help you fix your broken air compressor through my troubleshooting pages.
  • Optimize your compressor system for maximum efficiency, and highest savings!

Hope you find this website useful. If you are missing any information or have questions, please contact me. ## Follow me

Blog All websites updates, like new pages and other compressor news can be found in my Air Compressor Blog. Make sure to bookmark it or subscribe to the RSS feed. I answer questions in the Q&A forums as much as I can, so be sure to visit those often!

Facebook I have a Facebook page where I post all the latest updates from the blog. You can find it here:

LinkedIn Yes, I am also on LinkedIn. Feel free to connect with me! ## Contact me

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.

All technical, troubleshooting or compressor buying questions should be asked in the Q&A section.

If I receive any of these questions by email, I move them to the forums when I have time. It's faster if you post in the Q&A forums directly! I spend a tremendous amount of time and energy in answering all these questions. By answering them in the open Q&A forums, we can create a place where everybody can learn from each others questions. I will remove any phone numbers, signatures, email addresses for privacy reasons. But will keep names and other info that you provide. Please keep this in mind.

You can contact me at or through the contact form