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Join one of my courses on compressed air and air compressors. Click here.

Courses & Guides

My goal for this website, and the courses and guides, is to share knowledge about industrial air compressors and compressed air systems. To make compressed air understandable for everyone!

These courses are the result of years of building this website and helping hundreds of people with their compressed air related questions.

These courses and guides will teach you everything you need to know about industrial air compressors and compressed air systems.

Air Compressor Troubleshooting Guide

guide book online

$ 119

I have created this troubleshooting guide, to help YOU with your air compressor problems. Let me guide you through troubleshooting the problem, step by step.

And I will prove you that troubleshooting air compressors isn’t hard, or expensive! You can do it too!

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Compressed Air System Optimization

book online

$ 249

Easy techniques to dramatically lower energy use and save big money on compressed air.

This book is all about compressed air system optimization to save money and energy.

It starts at the basics and explains exactly how you can save (loads) of money on compressed air. Straight to the point and easy to to understand, without leaving anything out.

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Course: Industrial Compressed Air Systems

course online

$ 397

This course teaches you all you need to know about compressed air, to feel confident working with and managing a compressed air system.

You will be able to do all the stuff that needs to be done to keep your compressors running happily for a long time: avoid downtime and reduce running costs.

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Portable Diesel Air Compressors

book online

$ 119

A practical guide to Portable Diesel Air Compressors: maintenance, troubleshooting, operations, buying and options, everything.

It’s a must-have for anybody that works with these machines.

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