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I help people that work with industrial air compressors (compressor owners, operators, maintenance managers) to optimize their compressed air system and to prevent and troubleshoot problems.

  • Optimizing compressed air systems - so they run efficiently (save money!) and without troubles (save money and headaches!)
  • Troubleshooting air compressor problems - if things do go wrong, I am here to help.

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Where to start?

The best thing you can do right now is to join my free course “Compressed Air Basics“. It takes you from a beginner to a pro in no time!

Why I Started This Website

I’ve worked for years in the compressed air business and saw that many people throw money away every day:

  • Unnecessary high energy bills
  • Extra maintenance and repair costs
  • Costly breakdowns that could have been avoided

With just a few tweaks and changes many compressed air systems can be a lot better!

That’s why I’ve decided to build this site: let everyone know about the wonderful world of compressed air, and how to do it right! 

This is me - 9 years ago when I started this website

(since I am a compressor nut – I like to pose in front of compressors that I find ‘in the wild’)

What people say about me:

Gary Evans

Living Water International​

Just received your book and it is fantastic. I operate 25 diesel powered compressors in twenty countries ranging from 375 to 1100 CFM. Thanks for writing it!


United Kingdom

Thank you for the in depth analysis of our issue and the easy to follow step. You have a great talent for explaining in easy to follow language…thanks

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