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Compressed Air 101 | Air Compressor Guide
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These will mostly be general informative pages about air compressors, air compressor parts and everything air compressor related (dryers, filters, maintenance, etc).

If you are looking to buy an air compressor - Sorry, I don't sell those. But I can help you buy the right air compressor, so be sure to check out the air compressor buying guide.

If your air compressor is having problems, read these pages here for general information, but be sure to check out the air compressor troubleshooting section.

I have divided the information in this section into different sections

  • Compressed Air Basics - Learn about pressure, volume and capacity, pressure drop and free air delivery. More importantly, learn how they work together in your compressed air system.

  • Air compressor types - An overview of the different kinds of air compressors. I mainly focus here on rotary screw compressors, reciprocating compressors and scroll compressors.

  • Air compressor Parts - An overview of the main parts of the air compressors. I will discuss here the function and use of parts like pressure switches, oil filters, check valves, unloader valves, and a lot more.

  • Compressor Uses - Some pages about different compressor uses: paintball compressors, dental compressors, scuba diving compressors, portable air compressors, and more..

  • Compressed Air Systems and components - This part is not focused on the air compressor itself, but focuses on everything that comes after it: compressed air piping, air dryers, compressed air filters, and more.. Use the menu in the right column to navigate all the different topics. Some topics span multiple pages or are dived into sub-topics, so be sure to check them all out.

  • Compressed Air Quality - Compressed air is dirty - it contains all the contaminations of ambient air, but in concentrated form. We need to upgrade the quality of the compressed air - we do that by removing water, oil and dust. How clean we need to make the air depends on the application.

  • System Optimization - A single compressor can easily waste $10k per year in energy costs.Yes 'waste'. Not 'use'. Luckily, we can take some easy steps to reduce the waste. It means you can run this same compressor and create the same amount of compressed air, while using less energy. On a medium size compressed air system, the yearly energy savings can add up to $10.000 to $30.000 per year!