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Air compressor pressure switch | Air Compressor Guide
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Air compressor pressure switch

Perfect air pressure control with the right pressure switch, so your compressor starts and stops exactly when you want.

The pressure switch is an important part on your air compressor. The pressure switch tells your compressor when to stop and when to start.

But in my experience, it is also a part that will break down quite often.

The air compressor pressure switch on small and older compressor is a completely mechanical device.

With two set-screws you set the upper and lower pressure. Often, there is a blow-down valve (pressure relieve valve) integrated, which will relieve the pressure on the compressors discharge pipe.

typical compressor pressure switch

Typical air compressor pressure switch

Pressure switch settings

It's important to set the pressure switch at the correct cut-in and cut-out pressures.

It will save you both money by saving on energy, and by saving on maintenance and repair costs.

I have created a detailed explanation about the correct pressures, and how to set them on our air compressor pressure switch settings page.

Models and options.

Pressure switches come in a big variety of types and shapes. Some have extra options integrated, like a blow-down valve, or have an option to add these kind of extra's.

Also, there are big difference with regards to electrical and physical connections. Some pressure switches can switch a 3-phase motor directly, while other can only switch a small control current (for use with a central controller).

You can read about all the different types and models on our air pressure switch types and models page.

How does a pressure switch work?

condor MDR 11 pressure switch
Opened-up pressure switch. This is a Condor MDR 11, which is a very popular type of pressure switch.

You know that a pressure switch 'senses' the air pressure in some way and switches the electrical contacts open and close, depending on the pressure and the settings. But how does this work extaclty?

I have created a separate page, where I explain how a compressor pressure switch works.

Buying an air compressor pressure switch

When buying a (replacement) air pressure switch, it's important to buy one that will fit your air compressor.

Keep in mind the points mentioned above under 'models and options'.

Go to my buying a compressor pressure switch page, for buying advice and to buy a pressure switch directly online.