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Buying a Compressor pressure switch | Air Compressor Guide
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Buying a Compressor pressure switch

Avoid costly mistakes. Let me tell you what you need to know before buying a compressor pressure switch.

There are so many different types and sizes of pressure switches, that it can be hard to find a good replacement pressure switch for your air compressor.

It's often safest to buy a replacement pressure switch directly from your air compressor manufacturer.

Or find the exact same make and model online.

But that can often be very expensive, so people search online for a cheaper alternative

.I get a lot of questions through email about pressure switches and cheaper alternatives.

So, what is important when looking for a (replacement) pressure switch, and what is not?

I have already written a page about the different models and options of pressure switches available, and when buying a replacement pressure switch, you should keep in mind all of the things mentioned on that page.

Here is that list again, with a small explanation what to watch for.

  • Type of control buttons (off/auto buttons/switch or no switch)
  • Electrical connections and power rating (number of phases and power in kW or amperes)
  • Pressure range (highest/lowest possible pressure setting
  • Mechanical connection (size of the pipe connection for compressed air)
  • Unloader connection (size/type)