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Portable air compressor parts and maintenance | Air Compressor Guide
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Portable air compressor parts and maintenance

How to prevent unexpected breakdowns?

Just like any compressor, a portable air compressor needs maintenance every now and then. Check the manual of your compressor how often it needs maintenance.

Often it's after a certain number of running hours, or once per year, whichever comes first (just like with your car).

With most portable compressors, there are several different things that need to be done after a certain number of running hours. Usually this is after every 250, 500 and 1000 running hours.

For example: changing oil and oil filters, check valves for good operation, replace belt, and so on.

Here is a typical maintenance schedule for a portable air compressor:

Daily After first 50 hours. Every 500 hours Every 1000 hours or yearly
Oil level engine Check
Oil level compressor Check
Coolant level Check
Coolant liquid analyze Analyze
Dustpan of air compressor filter Empty
Remove water from fuel filter Remove
Vaccuum indicator air intake Check
Battery acid level and battery poles check Check Check
Tire pressure check check Check
Leakages in air, oil or fuel system check check check
Coolers ( engine, compressor oil and air) Clean Clean
Min and max rpm engine check check Check
Torque wheel nuts check check Check
Brake system Check/adjust Check/adjust Check/adjust
Safety valve (air receiver) Test
Door hinges grease Grease
Towbar and system grease grease
Safety switches grease
Oil separator Check pressure drop Replace separator
Tension of V-belts Adjust Adjust
Fuel tank Clean Clean
Oil compressor Change
Oil filter compressor Change
Air intake filter Change
Safety cartridge air intake filter (if installed) Change
Oil engine Change Change
Oil filter engine Change Change
Fuel filter Change
Fuel pre-filter Change Change
Intake and exhaust valves engine Adjust
Compressed air after filters (if installed) Change

The schedule needs to be adjusted according to your situation.

For example, if you use the compressor in a very dusty environment, you need to change the air filters more often.

Generally, the oil separator (the part that separates the oil from the compressed air, before it leaves the compressor) needs to be replaced when the pressure drop becomes more than 0.8 bar.

I recommend you change the oil separator in time.

If you don't change it in time, not only will de output of the compressor become much lower than normal, there is a chance that the separator might rupture.

Believe me, you don't want this to happen!

I have seen it several times. Since there is nothing there to keep the oil inside the compressor anymore, it will spit out almost every drop of oil that's inside..

Most things you can do yourself. Some things are a little more challenging or require special tools. Like checking the engine vales and adjusting the drive belt pressure (a special tool is usually needed).