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Help me get an air compressor! | Air Compressor Guide
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Help me get an air compressor!

By: Cas | Posted on: 11-08-2015

As amazing as this might sound to you.. I don't have an air compressor! Yes, 'Mr. Compressor', who helps so many people with their compressor problems and questions everyday doesn't even own an air compressor himself. I mean, I had a little air compressor in my car.. but that car got stolen! But seriously... I need an air compressor for this website. More content and video'sI want to update and grow this website with more content. And especially I want to add much more how-to instructional posts and video's! How cool would it be to show to you on video how your screw compressor works, or how to troubleshoot common problems, perform maintenance, etc. I will be using this compressor for videos and photos for both my blog, the free info/troubleshooting guides and for my training courses. But for this, I first need an air compressor. So, I'm looking for an old, used, oil-injected rotary screw air compressor. Burned down motor? No problem! Dead screw-element? Great! I don't need to run it, I will just use it to make video's for you guys. Not too big, because it has to fit in my front yard, and I don't want to upset the neighbors too much :) I'm thinking something like an old Atlas Copco GA22 or similar. But has to be one with a 'real' oil separator (not the spin-on type) and the check and oil-stop valve below the screw element Example: .GA22_1If anyone has an old compressor like this, waiting to be scrapped, please consider sending it to me. The price for a new, or used but working compressor is simply too high to afford with this one-man website. I can give you a free copy of my troubleshooting guide (both digital and hard-copy version) and a free compressor course when they are finished :) ShippingMaybe the biggest problem is that I'm currently living in Malaysia, so the compressor has to be shipped here. An old model GA22 weights around 400KG, which is still affordable to be send halfway across the globe, if needed. And of course, I will pay for shipping. Please reply to this post or drop me an email at or use the contact form if you want to help me out. Thanks! Cas