TMC 8-26 EWNA service air compressor frequent loading and unlaoding

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Naresh kumar asked 1 year ago


Compressor TMC 8-26 EWNA

Problem we are facing is frequent cut in cut off. Cut in pr setting is 3 bar and cut off is 6.5 bar. Compressor runs fine and cut off when display (on compressor)shows pr. 6.5 bar but just after offlaod display pr. goes 5.5 and decrease rapidly (with in 40 sec ) it reaches up to 3 bar and compressor again cut in suddenly display pr will increase (with in 3-4 sec) up to 6.5 bar and compressor cut off again. But our air bottle pr. Is not decreasing .Means with in a minute , 2 times compressor cut and cut off.  Please give suggestions for possible faults .

We have checked solenoid that are working fine. Oil level is normal and changed as per maker instructions. Initially we suspect solenoid or pressure transmitter fault but display shows the pr. Reading correctly. We have checked lines for any leaks which leads the signal to control panel it ok. 

Thanks in advance


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Cas Staff answered 1 year ago


It sounds like you have a blockage in your piping between the compressor and the air receiver.

It could be anything – dirty filters, a valve that is not completely open, an air dryer that is blocked, too small outlet piping, etc.

It could even be inside the compressor – depending on where the pressure sensor in the compressor is.. (integrated compressed air filters, air dryers, etc).

And, when you fixed this problem – please adjust the pressure settings to ‘normal’ values.. this is probably set like this because of the weird behavior of the compressor.

Normal pressure difference between load and unload should be around 1 bar.

Good luck and please let me know what you find out or have any more questions.