Quincy 750 screw compressor

Senguttuvan asked 1 year ago

I have problem during unloading  we got too much noise and high  temperature alarm  coming and oil coming  on load percentage gauge  please  give  guide 

1 Answers
Cas Staff answered 1 year ago


Generally speaking, it could be two things:

1) Oil flow problem

2) Screw element problems

If the oil flow is blocked it sometimes happen that the flow becomes too low during unload running. During loaded running, this is no problem because of the higher internal pressures. Please check oil lines and oil filters.

It could also be a problem with the screw element – especially bearings that are going bad. This is sometimes especially noticeable during unload running as there forces on the screws are different (less) during unload running – allowing for more play in the bearings.

If this is the case, the screw element should be overhauld asap, to prevent further damage.

Good luck! Please let me know what you find out or if you have any other questions.