Problems with rotary screw compressor

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Cas Staff asked 4 years ago

We have the following problems with our rotary screw compressor:

1) High discharge temperature trip
2) Excessive oil in service/consumption
3)Machine not building up full discharge
4)Excessive operating pressure

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Cas Staff answered 4 years ago


When was the last time this compressor had maintenance?

Check the oil level. The high temperature could be a result of a too low oil level.

Also, check the oil separator. The oil separator is the parts that separates the oil from the compressed air. The oil is circulated in the compressor system and the compressed air will go to the output.

When the oil separator gets too dirty, it will not function properly. Oil will not be separated correctly and leave the compressor with the compressed air (oil carry-over).

Also, it will create a large pressure difference. The internal pressure of the compressor will be much higher than the discharge pressure.

This could also cause a high discharge temperature.

More info here:

The oil separator should normally be replaced every 8.000 running hours. That’s about 1 time a year when running 24/7.

When the pressure difference over the oil separator exceeds 1 bar, it also needs to be replaced.

What is the temperature of the compressor room? A too hot compressor room temperature (bad ventilation) will result in a too hot compressor. Also, when a compressor runs very hot, oil carry-over will increase.

Hope this helps, please let me know if you have any more questions.

Cas Staff answered 4 years ago


Please kindly advice the solution. Oil in screw compressor always loss or low level although the oil separator had changed with the new original separator. There is no overheating temperature. Temperature less than 100 degree C.
We had fill oil again , start the compressor and the problem still coming.

What is the cause and how to solve this problem ?

Thank You.

Cas Staff answered 4 years ago

Dear Sir,

We had problems with screw compressore frequently
1. Getting oil seal damage
2. Screw compressor getting struck

Kindly help us

Tim answered 3 months ago

What causes foamy oil on receiver tank sight glass?

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