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presure switch electrical

  • Question Title: presure switch electrical
  • Asked by: Steven Lee
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Hello Cas, I got one for you. Let's test your knowledge. I have a Gast small compressor, maybe 8 pound tank. built in 1970 USA which is it still works great. It's a direct drive motor connected to the compressor which is two horizontal pistons; like a BMW motorcycle, no belt. The plumbing on this thing looks like a drunken monkey put it all together. I'll fix that. My problem is:: because I'm a dolt, I accidentally stuck a screwdriver in the pressure switch while it was running (I know) and I think I touched one of the contacts, there are four, and spark and it instantly killed it. shut down. I shorted it, i think. Now, electricity and I do not get along but I am capable with the basics. It's 110v single phase. so, before i dig in and inspect it, which would be the next thing to do, obviously. can you think of what happened off the top of your head? I know I broke two rules. didn't unplug it, and should never stick a metal object into anything electrical. I don't remember what I was trying to do but it needed to be running. Please tell me I haven't fried it. And can I just replace it, if necessary? They're still in business but of course they don't make this one anymore.Thank you, mate. Cheers.

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