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Glenn Patrick 225 776 6060 asked 2 years ago

i have a 2012 Sullivan Palatek DF375PDJD eng starts well comp comes up to 50 psi like normal.

When I turn to run it comes up to normal psi then you smell burning oil when I look over top of the comp end a very little oil is spitting on pipe coming off top of comp with a flex on it.

it’s very hot i couldn’t see were the oil was coming from.then it popped like a hose burst then a lot of oil got on the hot pipe eng killed.then lots of smoke.can’t see were the oil was coming from.

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Cas Staff answered 2 years ago


Sorry for the late reply. Not sure what happened here.

Did you find out what was the problem? Can you post some pictures to make clear what was happening exactly?

Did the compressor shut down when this happened? Was there any indication on the control panel?

When a compressor suddenly stops, air/oil mixture can flow back through the inlet valve and out of the inlet filter, did that happen here?

Also, oil can sometimes come out of vent-holes on the inlet valve or pilot valves there.

Hope you’ll be able to fix this. Please reply back with some pictures and I’ll try to help.