Overheating chicago pneumatic

asked 11 months ago

I have a Chicago pneumatic rotary screw air compressor. I recently did a service on it and after words it started over heating. I changed outside filters, air filter, oil filters, oil, seperator and greased motor. I checked the fins of both of the coolers and they are clean. I have checked the oil level multiple times and checked to make sure duct work is correct. It’s getting to about 212F. I need help. 

2 Answers
Anil Verma answered 11 months ago

Dear, Please mention the Compressor Model for better clarity as each model differ with different temperature settings. 

Only after that we could answer this questions as there are many more Points to check.

cameron answered 11 months ago

It is a chicago pneumatic CPE100. I have now changed the thermostat and i am still having the same results as before.