Oil in air – not improving with new separator

Questions & AnswersOil in air – not improving with new separator
Cas Staff asked 5 years ago

I own number of tow behind compressors and recently I bought an Ingersoll-Rand two cylinder compressor. The engine runs fine, and pressure is good. The problem is there is a lot of oil coming out of the valves typical, of air separator failure.

I replaced the separator with a genuine Ingersoll-Rand one, changed the oil filter, changed the oil (Castrol 68) but there was no improvement. I swapped the tank with one from a similar machine but not change.

I put back the original pressure tank and swapped the compressor element with one from a similar unit, no change.

Its an odd problem I have never experienced in the many years I owned and used many different compressors. I have checked the radiator and pipes to and from it and the scavenger pipe for blockage, they are all clear.


Thank you