scroll type industrial compressor pressure is not going up

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Bilal asked 6 months ago

Hi, I have scroll type industrial compressor…its a 30kw and 1mpa 10bars

It has 8 engines with indivual air ends…

Its new and only used for a year..

The problem we are getting that the pressure is not going up..

Initially it worked perfect giving us .085 bars with in mins..

Eventually it one air end broke and then another and then another..

We were working on 5 enigins which was doing the job until it took ages to rinse..

Now its not rising more than 0.10mpa 1 bar… And we are concern..

Obviously we want to buy the air ends from the company whonsold us these but.they are not relinh to our concerns and messages..


What can we do to increase the bars

Why did the air Ends break


Kindly assist is asap


Regards Bilal



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Cas Staff answered 5 months ago


These scroll compressor should be able to run for a long time without much problems and without much maintenance.

The most common cause of them breaking is overheating, in which case the two scroll profiles will touch eachother and damage or break.

Did you open the scroll elements and see what the damage looked like?

Is the machine in a very hot compressor room?

These machines usually only need a bit of grease every year – the most common problem I’ve seen with that is that people tend to over-grease them, which will break them sometimes.

Hope this helps – it’s hard to say from here what is causing you problems.



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