Michael Bucknell asked 6 months ago

Hi Cas and all,I have a 50L 9.6cfm 2.5hp scs compressor If i get an air moisture remover with reg and oiler,how do I incorporate this into the system as there’s a regulator already,is it ok to just have 2 regs,there is 2 outlets on the m/c and a reg for tank pressure and 1 adjustable for out to tool psi.am a novice and want to do the right thing by my new toy.Much cheers.Mick

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Cas Staff answered 5 months ago

Hi Mick,

Thank you for your question.

Generally speaking, I would say to install the moisture regulator right after the air receiver – this way most moisture can condense and be removed from the air in the air receiver and any water that comes out of it with the compressed air is removed by the moisture remover.

If you have an air dryer I would install it between the compressor and the air receiver

The difference between an air dryer and a condensate remover is that a dryer can remove water vapor (really drying the air), where a moisture/condensate trap will only remove liquid water.

And remember, if you remove liquid water near the compressor, and the compressed air cools down further inside the pipes, then new condensate will form in the pipe – if this happens, best to install a second water separator near the point of use. But most of the time, air will cool down enough in the air receiver if you don’t use the air 100% of the time, so you won’t have this problem.

Oiler should always be installed at the point of use.

And for the regulators, install them at the point of use, but only if you need the lower pressure.

If all your equipment needs 7 bar / 100 psi and you have 1 piece of equipment that needs less, install it there.

If all equipment requires the same pressure, simply set the compressor to a lower pressure. It is a waste of energy to compressor to a high pressure, just to regulate it back again to a lower pressure. (there are some advantages, like bigger air buffer, more stable air, and a drying action, but that it probably not needed here).

Hope this helps and enjoy your new machine!




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