Kaeser error code 0898 D

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Guest Staff asked 2 years ago

We are getting a 0898 D code. It says it’s an open circuit but it doesn’t happen often. What is that code?Compressor Manufacturer: KaeserCompressor Model: ASD40ST

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Cas Staff answered 2 years ago


Sorry I can’t find anything about that error code. Does it give any more details?

The only things that comes to mind is that many compressor control systems monitor the state (open/closed) of the main contactors (the motor Y-D start relays).

They all have an auxiliary contact that is used for feedback to the control system that the contactor is open or closed.

I have receently answered a question about that, you can find it here:


Maybe you have the same problem, but I’m guessing here.

If anyone reading this knows more about code 0898 D , please let me know and I will update this answer!