How do you drain Engine oil on Atlas Copco XAS66?

Questions & AnswersCategory: GeneralHow do you drain Engine oil on Atlas Copco XAS66?
Peter Marples asked 7 months ago

As Title says. No room for a vessel to drain old oil into.

Am I missing something obvious?


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Cas Staff answered 6 months ago

Hi Peter,

Good question, and actually I can’t remember it for this particular machine – but I never had to just drain the oil on the compressor floor plate.

There should be a hole right below it, or there should be a hose connected to the engine oil drain.

This is from the part list of a XAS66 (Deutz Diesel engine) – see number 330


If you have a different engine (these Deutz engines are used in Europe, in the USA they use different engines), or is this is really missing – the easiest way is probably to suck up the oil from the oil fill opening using one of those vacuum oil extractors (not sure what the name is).

Hope this helps 🙂




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