high sump pressure

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Gittu asked 1 year ago

when iam using my ingersoll rand r 160 electric air compresser its showing high sump pressure and its shutting down.how can i rectify this issue?

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Cas Staff answered 1 year ago

It sounds like the pressure rises too high.

Did you set the pressure correctly? Does it unload at the right pressure?

If not, there’s a problem with the load/unload system and the inlet valve stays open. This could have many different causes – please let me know first if it is unloading yes or no.

Thanks and all the best,


Kunaldeep answered 5 months ago

It\’s not unloading it\’s on load always because of our recuitment is 8bar so load unload system is set to 7.5 bar to 8.2 bar but alarm shows high sump pressure what\’s cause please tell