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  • Question Title: ga-160-motor-drive-motor
  • Asked by: mohammad siddique
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our GA160 compressor while start the compressor main drive motor is not running display screen shows starter feed back contact

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The motor is started through a star-delta switch system. (startup in star, after a few seconds, switch to delta).

There should be 3 main contactors (relais) that take care of this. These contactors have auxiliary contacts that are separate from the main (power) contacts.

These contacts provide feedback to the controller (open/closed).

If you get this error, one of 3 things is happening:

  1. The contactor really is not opening/closing, so the feedback contact is correct and an error comes up.

  2. The contactor is working (main contacts) but the auxiliray contacts are bad.

  3. There is a wiring problem to/from the auxiliary contacts (loose contact, etc).

Please check if the contactor is actually switching or not. If it is, check the auxiliary contact with a multimeter (be careful or ask an electrictian if not 100% sure).

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