Frane TMC 54-85 EWNA oil cooling issues

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Brzi asked 1 year ago

Good day

I m having TMC 54-85 EWNA compressor for nitrogen generator on board.

The issues I have is oil cooling when we are working in hot areas.

We now have water cooled oil coolers and system is cleaned as per maker manual.

Also I cant lower the discharge pressure witch is 11 bar due to high nitrogen consumption.

The question is, is there any oil cooler upgrade or is it possible to install additional oil cooler in series?

Thanks in front


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Cas Staff answered 1 year ago


Yes, you can install an extra cooler without any problems – but I don’t have any specific information about your compressor model.

But it should be no problem to install an extra, or a bigger, oil cooler. For example, this is often done when an ‘energy recovery’  system is installed (which is basically another heat exchanger that pre-heats water for a boiler for example) – so installing an extra cooler shouldn’t be a problem.

What is the cooling water temperature right now?

Just keep a few things in mind:

  1. make sure you don’t restrict the oil flow too much.(there is no oil-pump in a screw compressors – the oil flows around by internal pressure differences)
  2. Make sure that on colder days/areas, or on days with less consumption, the compressor temperature doesn’t drop too low – it causes issues with condensation.

Good luck!


Brzi answered 1 year ago

Thank you for prompt answer.


Can you please tell me where can I find different cooler sizes for this compressor?

Are they available as OEM spare parts?

Will not restrict oil flow just ad additonal cooler in series with separate valves to shut off extra cooler when needed.

I was just concerned regarding oil pressure drop since there will be additonal cooler installed.

But in my opinon pressure should remain the same only oil quantity will increase little due to additonal cooler?



Cas Staff answered 1 year ago


Yes you are right – it probably wont be a problem for the oil flow and only the the total oil quantity will increase a bit because of the oil in the extra cooler.

I have no idea if these coolers are available from the manufacturer – probably not.

Best bet is to get a ‘general purpose’ oil cooler (water cooled) somewhere else – just make sure it matches the specs / oil flow that you need (look at the original oil cooler)

Hope this helps,