Engine shutdowns automatically when connecting sand blaster

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Mukilan asked 1 year ago

Sir, we have a compressor and it’s automatically shutdown when connecting the sand blaster and the pressure goes up to 160psi. The normal pressure is approx 80 to 100 psi for sand blasting. Help me to solve the problem

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Cas Staff answered 1 year ago


What is the rated maximum pressure for this machine? 160 psi is mayne too high (although there are many diesel compressors that can go up much higher!).

What happens if you run the compressor without sandblaster connected?

Try to run it with outlet valves open (pressure will drop as compressor cannot keep up the pressure with such high use of air) and slowly close the outlet valves.

The pressure should rise. At some point (depending on the pressure setting) – the engine should slow down and the inlet valve should close (although you cannot see this) – and the pressure should stabilize at the setpoint pressure.

If this is too high, you need to adjust the setpoint. If that doesn’t work, there could be something wrong with the control system.

Good luck – let me know what you find out.

All the best,


Mukilan answered 1 year ago


Thank you so much for your reply and guidance. 

 1.The rated pressure is approx 80 to 100psi. 

2. If close all the outlet valves the engine doesn’t get idle and it is shutdown. 

3. Then checked the control system is not functioning. Dismantled the inlet valve and throttle assembly both were interconnected and it’s full of rust and jammed also the main relief valve above the separater vessel.

4. So going to replace the req spares and to be fitted back. 

5. After testing will tell you how it is functioning. 

Thank you for the support. 

Cas Staff answered 1 year ago

Sounds like you found the problem! Good luck. Glad I could help 🙂