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Guest Staff asked 2 years ago

Dear Sir ,

We have GA 110 (First Generation ) Compressors in our site . We are facing frequently element outlet temperature in almost all the compressors . We have done maintenance in every part (what we call is service Hours) . Oil Inject Fluid pressure is more than 4.5 bar but still the element temperature is raising very slowly and when it reaches 110 degrees then the compressor is tripping .

If in case the compressor starts it will run for a max of 1 Hour and then the same problem arising . We have cleaned , checked & replaced all the replaceable parts and checked everything related to the element temperature . Please suggest us what to do

Regards ,

Vishnu Vardhan.C

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Cas Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Vishnu,

What is the temperature in the compressor room? Maybe it’s simply too hot in your compressor room.

Above 35-40 degrees, problems can arise.

To lower the temperature it’s important to have enough ventilation in the compressor room and to install ducting, so fresh outside air is supplied to the compressor, and the hot cooling air from the compressor can be blown to outside.

And also, did you clean the coolers or the air compressors? You can blow the through with compressed air to clean them (if it’s just dust) …

If they are very dirty, with ‘oily dust’ then it’s best to remove them from the compressor and clean them with a high pressure washer!

Good luck!

Neo answered 1 year ago

Hi how can i fix oil element issue  the compressor indecated that oil injection element is 0.1 bar even if i already change the oil how can i fix it

Joseph answered 9 months ago

Sir our GA30 90 shows element temp. High when ever power failure occurs .

Ahmad answered 8 months ago

Dear sir

             We are facing  element out let temprature high problem frequently it rises gradually  and reaches 110*c  then trip we already check the cooler and oil level and regarding filters but the problem is same. Please give us some suggestion