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Correct wiring of compressor

  • Question Title: Correct wiring of compressor
  • Asked by: Guest
  • Asked On: 01-06-2014 06:16

i should have recorded the way my compressor was configured when i moved it. So here i am trying to set it up and don't have a clue on how this thing is wired up. My compressor motor says it's 3 phase@ 220 volt and i moved the 3 phase panel it was hooked up to. here is where i get lost, i remember the breaker supplying only two legs out of three(black & blue)@ 120 volt each.

i get to the new shop and install the 3 phase panel and realise that the red wire on the breaker puts out 220 volts by its self. Like this : BLACK 120 VOLTS
SO I AM THINKING THATS WHY THEY LEFT IT OFF. because it would have of made it a 480 volt system.

i try wireing everything up and i can't remember how the motor control was wired. i thought it came in from the bottom and landed on T1 T2 T3 and came out the top L1 L2 L3 . I don't think thats right eather. and can remember anything about the pressor help

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