Compressor tripping circuit breaker

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Cas Staff asked 5 years ago

Hello Cas;
I have a Portable roll-around Porter Cable Model C2150 air compressor.
Used it occasionally for several years but today it started tripping the
20 amp circuit breaker every time it started to pump back up. It’s only rated for 15 amps. Don’t remember hearing the usual ssshhh sound after it reached the 100psi I have it set at. Maybe I just wasn’t paying attention.
After doing some reading on your website,I was wondering if it could be the
uploader valve or pressure switch. I really like the compressor and don’t want to have to go buy a new one. Hope you can help me on this.

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Guest Staff answered 4 years ago

If your not hearing the release of pressure when the compressor stops then air will be trapped in the delivery pipe. This will cause the compressor to struggle to get running on re-start. It could be the unloader valve usually located on the bottom of the pressure switch, take it out and clean it then reassemble, but most likely will be to replace the pressure switch complete with a new unloader valve fitted. Hope that helps.

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