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Cas Staff asked 5 years ago

Dear Sir,

I have Ingersoll Rand 15kw screw air compressor problem is this that falling the oil from intake valve when shutdown the compressor after 3 minute unload.

I start the compressor and when the compressor fills the tank and reaches setting pressure of 7.5 bar, than the compressor runs in unload position.

After 3 minute compressor motor shuts down and when the extra pressure is released from intake valve,t here is some oil falling when releasing the air.

kindly help me what i do? where is the problem in intake or minimum pressure..

Thanks With Regards,

Mubasher Mehmood

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John Whetton answered 10 months ago

hi my xhp 1070 when the compressor is running the oil level is low but when I stop the unit the oil level goes off the gauge..I have 2 other identical units but the oil level when stopped is midway up the sight glass.

Your assistance would be appreciated