bambi bb15

Richard Goodwin asked 1 year ago

Hi Cas,

Had to ask a new question since couldn’t work out how to reply! Sorry

Thanks for the quick reply. The overload protection is cutting in and resets after approx 2 mins. I managed to get the cover off and saw it start to glow red before it tripped the relay. The capacitor looks visibly ok with no distortion evident. Could it be that? The pressure switch adjusts ok and I can press the spring down. I took the one way valve off and found it full of crud including oil. Stripped it down and cleaned it and checked it works. So what next? 🙂 Appreciate the help.


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Cas Staff answered 1 year ago


Thanks for the follow up. Did you try and run it without outlet pipe connected? So the compressor is just pumping air out without actually building pressure?

Also, can you turn the compressor by hand? See if it is very difficult or that it runs smooth.

It’s hard to say from here – but you need to figure out if it’s a mechanical problem or an electrical problem.

Hope this helps 🙂

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