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Cas Staff asked 5 years ago


we have a ZR-450 model from atlas copco company oil free screw compressor
capacity= 2696 Nm3/hr
max outlet P = 10 bar
power consumption= 450 kw

the current cooling loop is such that the CW is entered to after cooler (15C) then goes through inter cooler and then to oil exchanger and then to second stage screw and then to first stage screw and finally to an air preheater and then exit the package at a temp of 25C.
input air P = 0.84bar
first stage compression: 2.6 bar
second stage compression: 8 bar

the problem
we want to use fresh cooling water for the first stage because the air temperature goes up to 210C and the machine trips. washing and descaling of pathes doesn’t solve the problem.

Is this change safe? what other problems may occur if this change is done?

thank you

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Matt grove answered 5 months ago

l have an Atlas Copco zr45 that will not “load”. Compressor runs but will not load above 10psi. Cooling water is flowing and pop off valve is closed. Any advice?