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Cas Staff asked 5 years ago

Hello sir nice to find a good website like this one!

My name is rich, mechanic at a taylor rental center and we have a atlas copco tow behind model xas 96 jd screw type comp. that is blowing the safety valve and getting quite a bit of oil blowing out of the lines.

Unloader valve has been rebuilt and has fixed another problem i had with oil soaking the air filter now the filter is fine but still having the oil in the line problem.

Havent had much experience with comp. so any info on this problem will be appreciated thanks

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Gene Emo answered 1 year ago

Hello, I have and atlas copco XAS 185 KD7. When air valves are closed tank psi is 125. If I open them gradually and keep tank psi 90 or above everthing is good. Whith the valves wide open tank psi drops to 50 and oil is blowing out of the lines. What do think the possible cause could be. Thanks Gene

Michelle answered 8 months ago

We have a XAS 185 jd7 and all the sudden started blowing oil I am aware of oil separator but do not see hose 

Michelle answered 8 months ago

We opened it up and the bottom is full of oil not sure if it is supposed to be filter has oil on it I do know it should not but did not see any hose probably do to oil