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Cas Staff asked 4 years ago

Dir Sir, I have few problems with a new one Alup Compressor, 37Kw with variable speed.

During installation procedure, there appears a warning and when we check in error code the problem seems to be from the air end.

It seems to be blocked, it doesn’t spin by hand. How do I know if compression unit is blocked? which would be the possible causes ?

I mention that compression unit is Atlas Copco.

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Cas Staff answered 4 years ago


If the compressor gives an overload error, and the shaft of the compression element can not be turned by hand, then you are right and the air end is probably blocked.

For brand new machines,I can think of three possible causes for this:

1) The compressor was running without oil.

Without oil, the compressor runs hot very quickly and will eventually be ruined. But I don’t think you started it without oil, right?

2) The motor turns in the wrong direction.

This I have seen a couple of times. If you connect the 3 phase electrical supply in the wrong way, the motor will run in the wrong direction. There is a big arrow that indicates the right direction. If wrong, switch two of the three cables of the electrical supply.

If you run the compressor in the opposite direction, the air end will break down within a few minutes.

BUT, since you have a variable speed compressor, this can not be the case. The variable speed drive (converter) takes care of the right direction of the motor. SO, I don’t think this is your problem either.

It could be the motor wires were wrongly connected, but this would be a mistake of the factory. Which brings us to the next one..

3) A manufacturing error

I think there was just something wrong with the element (as far as I can judge from here). Sometimes this happens.

Since it’s a brand new machine, call Alup and ask for a service engineer. It is within warranty, so they should fix everything, as long as you treated the compressor right.

I know that each and every Atlas Copco machine that leaves the factory is tested first. Alup is an Atlas Copco brand. I am not sure they also test each and every machine, but I do think so.

My advice: call Alup and ask for replacement of the air end under warrany.

Good luck!

Cas Staff answered 4 years ago

was a warranty problem.

Rey gardoce answered 2 months ago

Hi sir,the problem of my compressor is the error of screen,how can I reset ,because this type of compressor is they dont have reset botton,and in the screen ,they put only error name,pls can you help me sir?


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