ASP asked 2 years ago

Respected sir,

I have rotary screw type Ingersoll Rand air compressor .it shows indication of ” inlet restriction ” on board & it get stop.

So please tell me why it is happening & what is a solution

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Cas Staff answered 1 year ago

Haven’t seen this error before, but I *think* this is because it senses that there is a blockage in the air inlet of the air compressor.

It could sense this with maybe a vacuum sensor on the inlet or by the fact that the pressure doesn’t increase when the compressor switches to ‘load’.

Please do the obvious first: remove the air filter and clean or replace it. Check inside the inlet pipe (between the air filter and the air end) and see if it’s clear.

It could be that the inlet valve doesn’t open completely, or too slow. That could also be interpreted as an ‘inlet restriction’.

Please let me know if you find the problem. If not, we’ll investigate further.


PK answered 2 months ago

I have found same this problem. I have done changing the new Air filter. How to check inlet valve does not open completely?

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