Air Compressor Training Courses


I’m working on creating several training courses about air compressors and compressed air.

The just finished Air Compressor Troubleshooting Guide is very popular and besides making some money on that, I’m really happy to be able to help so many people with their compressor problems.

Just the other day I received a message from a gentleman, asking if and how he can get my guide because he works with a bunch of compressors and his service provider is just making a lot of money on small problems and repairs, because there’s no-one else around to turn to!

Air Compressor Training Courses

But I’ve been getting a lot of other non-troubleshooting questions too. About different compressors types, compressor control systems, compressed air quality, etc.

So for all of you, I’m now working on several new training courses.

These courses will be for anyone that works with industrial air compressors. Maintenance guys, small business owners, etc.

I’ve been thinking about what subjects should be in what course, what is ‘basic’ and what is ‘advanced’, etc.

Here’s what I have come up with:


The columns represent the 8 main topics I could come up with. Every block of one color represents 1 training course.

So there will be 1 basic course, covering all the topics on a basic level (the light-green block at the top).

The basic course is designed for somebody that has never worked with a compressor before, for example new maintenance and operational guys, and to make them completely confident around the air compressor they have to work with.

And there will be many advanced courses, covering specific topics more in-depth (the colorful patchwork below).

For example, the darker-blue block at the right is the oil-injected rotary screw air compressor troubleshooting guide, which is already finished 🙂

Feedback please!

Any feedback on my plan is highly appreciated!

What do you want to see in the courses? What do you think should be in the basic course, and what should be in an advanced course? Is any subject missing?

I would love to hear your feedback. Just make a comment to this post. Or email me at

I will try my best to create the best online air compressor course available!

All the best,




19 thoughts on “Air Compressor Training Courses”

  1. Sherif TAJROVIKJ

    Go on bro, I’m Supporting you and cant wait for Advanced courses.
    you can add the difference and what is the advantages and disadvantages of 40 BAR Screw boosters and Piston boosters.


  2. hii Cas..

    how are you ? i heard about your online courses regarding the Compressor would you please send me the depth details of this courses i want to koin it what is the procedure..? & waht is the fee of this course ?

    I m waiting for yur earliest reply.

    Thanks & Regards,

    1. First I will create the basic course and after that I will do the advanced courses one by one. All in all it could take some time before all courses are completely finished.

      As for the course fees.. I’m really not sure about that. But it will be significantly less than the ‘classroom’ courses you see somewhere else for $1000+. With the online course/training system I hope to be able to reach and help as many people as possible, all around the world.

    1. All courses will be online. You will be able to login, do the course (mostly video’s with me talking, and with extra notes in text/pdf or powerpoint.

      And there will be exam questions for each course so you can get a certificate if you pass.

  3. Hi Cas
    Looking forward to the advanced courses. I hope you will include a rotary vane (Hydrovane) course, working concepts, trouble shooting etc. Master controllers for multiple compressor installations to achieve energy saving etc.



    1. Hi Paul. rotary vane will be included in the compressor types overview and working concepts of air compressors. To be honest, I don’t have very much experience with rotary vane compressors.

      Master controllers, multi-compressor installations, energy optimization, etc will definitely be included in a advanced course.

  4. Dejene Demissie

    please tell me about the training price for advanced air compressor training and your full e-mail address to communicate with and our company.

  5. anderson johane

    I heavily depend on this website to know more abt compressors for I attend to five GA250 compressors without formal training.

    so introducing this course will be a blessing to me and others who are into compressors. Here in Zimbabwe , I have tried to seek training but I couldn’t find any training institution.

  6. Hi there i am from south africa with small bussiness employd a new person but need online training what do you have please.

  7. Hi Cas
    Im in SA, i need a basic course. As i need to do services on basic compressors. Just for a start. I also need to give a propper proof to show that i can service it.
    Can you please assist me.

  8. Andrew Georgeson

    Hi i work on SNG ,MNG and air compressor so I need to do some courses to obtain a certificate . Need some information. Can you please assist me.

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