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Guest Staff asked 6 months ago

we have a GA 22 compressor, mistakenly we changed the three phases of the supply the compressor runs for about 2 min and then stuck
now we can not turn the fan motor by hand is the screw element jammed?
and what we can do ?

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Cas Staff answered 6 months ago

Hi Ahmed,

Auchh.. that hurts.. yes, the screw element is jammed 100% sure.

It will need to be overhauled/repaired or replaced…

Screw compressors are designed to turn only 1 way. After a new install, you should always check the rotation direction.

Sorry to give you the bad news.


Guest Staff replied 6 months ago

we have repaired it thank god the screw element is ok but we changed the bearing
sir is there any way to identify the right direction before running the compressor?
because there is no direction arrow on the motor casing or in the user manual

Cas Staff replied 6 months ago

Hi Ahmed,Good to hear the damage wasn’t too bad and you were able to repair it.There should always be an arrow somewhere: at the back of the motor, on the coupling housing, on the screw element. If the cooling fan is directly connected to the motor/screw element, than maybe on the cooling fan?I’ve seen many many Atlas Copco machines in my life and there was always an arrow somewhere!If you can’t find it, send me some pictures and maybe I can help.The normal procedure when first starting the compressor (after checking oil level and all other things of course) is to press ‘start’ and immediately press ‘stop’. At the same time, quickly look at the motor’s running direction.
Good luck!Cas