How much does an hour of compressor downtime cost you?

Do you know? Should you know? For sure!

Close your eyes and imagine a complete factory shutdown, because there's no compressed air!

I've been to (too) many of you in that situation.. in most cases, the compressor was up and running again quickly...

But downtime can be a big problem, and you should prepare for it! Learn more about compressor troubleshooting >>

A single compressor can easily waste $10k per year in energy costs.

Yes 'waste'. Not 'use'.

It means you can run this same compressor and create the same amount of compressed air, while using less energy.

In an average industrial compressed air system, 30% of energy is wasted.

Luckily, we can take some easy steps to reduce the waste.

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So, I decided to start my own website. To share real, to-the-point, technical, useful information about industrial air compressors.

Since the start, this website has grown and grown. Right now there are hundreds of questions answered in the Q&A section. There's the Troubleshooting Guide and soon my new training courses on compressed air.

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