how to reduce water in my air compressor line?

Questions & Answershow to reduce water in my air compressor line?
Cas Staff asked 3 years ago


i’m having problem with my screw air compressor for pneumatic devices.
can you help me?

I am using screw compressor type KAESER SK-19 with operation press = 100psi-110 psi. I already use air dryer,water trap and tank receiver. but it can’t reduce the water from my air compressor and also the water pour to the manifold. everyday I must drain all the manifold.

in my opinion, is all about the high humidity in my area. I live in Indonesia.

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Cas Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Chamdy,

Thank you for your question.

Did you have these problems before? Or is this a new installation? How much water do you need to drain per day from the manifold? How many liters approximately?

I did some calculations for this size air compressor, with Indonesian air conditions, it would generate the following amount of water (40 running hours per week, 80% load factor, 68 cfpm/105 psi, 100% relative humidity, 28 degrees Celsius):

1) Without aftercooler, condensate drain or dryer: 16 liters / day
2) With after cooler and condensate trap: 3 liters/day
3) With refirgerant air dryer (dewpoint 3 degrees): 0.4 liters per day.

You have number 3. But this 0.4 liters per day would only turn into water when the temperature drops below the dewpoint (3 degrees). Since it’s always hot in Indonesia, you should have 0 or close to 0 water in your system with a condensate trap and extra air dryer.

So there must be something wrong with the equipment. Check the following things:

– Remove the water drain hose from the condensate trap. Is water actually discharged? Look at it for a while, and if no water is drained at all, or very little, the condensate trap is dirty or broken. There should be about 13 liters of water per day be discharged from this point.

– Check the dewpoint on the air dryer. What does it say? It should be between 3 – 5 degrees Celsius. Check the water discharge line from the dryer. Same as condensate trap of the compressor: check if water is actually discharged. There should be about 2.5 liters per day be discharged from the air dryer.

– If water is discharged from these points, it means that they are working. Maybe the water hose/pipe is plugged with dirt. Check if all water discharge lines are clean.

Please check those things first and post the results here. If you have any more questions, just ask.

Good luck, hope this was of any help.