High Discharge Pressure

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Guest Staff asked 2 months ago

Compressor Type: Rotary Screw Compressor – Oil Injected
Compressor make / manufacturer: BOSSCompressor model / type: 50 HPQuestion: What causes HIGH DISCHARGE PRESSURE??

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Cas Staff answered 2 months ago

Hi,It depends on what you mean by ‘high discharge pressure’.If it’s an alarm that is shown on the compressor control panel, it could indicate something is wrong with the control system. Normally a pressure switch or sensor would detect the pressure setpoint and the central controller then sends a signal to the inlet valve to close. The compressor will switch to ‘unloaded’ and stop pumping air.In some cases and with some models, this could also happen with a very dirty oil separator. The pressure builds up before the oil separator and causes this alarm.Sometimes the pressure sensor or high-pressure alarm switch (if fitted) is simply broken.And.. finally.. in some cases where you have multiple compressors.. if the other compressor is set at a higher pressure, the pressure in the system can reach an higher pressure than the maximum pressure of the other compressor, creating this alarm.Hope this helps!