Oil consumption and burnt smell

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Cas Staff asked 4 years ago

What are the reasons for high oil consumption, oil thickening (sometimes turning into sludge), burnt smell of oil etc.in rotary screw compressor?

Can this happen if synthetic compressor oils are used?

How atmospheric condition influence this type of complaints?

Is there any difference in oil performance when different make of compressors are considered? Esp. when compressors which run at higher outlet temp Vs compressors running at low outlet temp.?

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Milan Rana answered 3 months ago

reason in high oil consumption are more like differential pressure after and before oil separator is much,oil separator collapsed,syphon tube inside oil separator is chocked or broken.

reason for oil thickening is accumulation of moisture in oil much,wrong selection of comressor oil,continouse running of boiler under high element temperature.

reason for burnt smell is caused due to exceed of running hours of compressor oil and you fail to replace with fresh oil before.

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