Kaeser SM15 oil issues

Simão Ribeiro asked 4 months ago

Hi, our company has two kaeser SM15 units and about a week ago we detected that the lubricating oil has changed colorido from normal Yellow translucid color to dark red, does anybody have a clew for why this has hapenned? Best regards

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Cas Staff answered 3 months ago


It sounds like the oil is degrading – it’s time to change the oil.

If left like this, it will deposit a brownish varnish inside the coolers, which will give you even more problems.

How many running hours is this oil in the compressor now? Is the compressor running at high temperatures?

At high temperatures, the oil will degrade faster and needs to be replaced more often.

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Simão Ribeiro answered 1 month ago

Thank you for the reply! Average temperature of both compressors is around 80º, the room where they run has no forced ventilation fan so it gets  warm in hot days. When oil changed color it was within the due time for maintenance, our units are maintained by Kaeser and when reported to them this issue they said it was normal, somehow i didn’t believe and your reply confirms my suspicions


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Simão Ribeiro



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