vee belt splips and burn

Joseph ojomu asked 6 months ago

when i switch off the power of the compressor the main driver electric motor will not stop immediately but the compressor pulley will stop immediately causing the vee belt to burn and eventually lead to damaging belt  all the time so the rate of vee belt replacement is high and costly . we grounded the compressor and dont know what to do please kindly put me right to solution



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Cas Staff answered 6 months ago

Hi Joseph,

What kind of compressor is this? A screw compressor or a piston compressor? Did you check the tension of the belt? Is it too loose? (but also be careful not to over-tension the belt, it adds extra stress to  the bearings).

If it\’s a screw compressor – do you stop it when it’s unloaded? I can imagine that when the compressor runs loaded, it will stop quicker compared to running unloaded.

Did this happen before or is it a new problem? (it could be a bad design, for example).

Wish I could help more, hard to say from here.

Good luck!


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