Compressor shut off will not start.

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Mukilan asked 6 months ago


 We have a IR260 compressor and using for sandblasting. After running for 10 to 15 mins with or without sandblaster the engine stalls and it won’t start again for 15mins. 

 I have checked the electricals and found one timing relay. Suspecting during over heating it stops the fuel supply. Is it correct or what to be checked? What is the problem?  

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Cas Staff answered 6 months ago


Is there any indication (alarm light, etc) of what the alarm is? You mentioned overheating, but it doesn’t sound like it’s overheating.

To find the problem, you have to know ‘how’ the engine stops:

  1. Does it just ‘stop’ – in this case a safety mechanism stopped the engine (like overheating, low oil pressure, etc)
  2. It stalls / bogs down – the engine is overloaded or there’s an other problem and the engine can’t cope anymore.

In the first case, figure out what the problem is (alarm light?) – if there’s no apparent reason, it can be an electrical fault (bad contact, etc).

In the second case it can also be many different things, for example:

  • Pressure is too high, engine overloaded
  • Lack of fuel supply – dirty filters, etc
  • Inlet air filter dirty

It sounds like you have ‘number 2’ here, so please first check the fuel filters and air filter.

Would love to know when you find out the problem. If any more questions, just ask.



Mukilan answered 6 months ago


 The engine is just stopping. Found the problem. The problem is the hydraulic oil and discharge air is over heating and the safety switch stops the engine. Found the cooler and radiater was chocked. So serviced the coolers and fitted. Now the compressor is working good. 👍


Thank you so much for spending time to reply. 

eron johnson answered 5 months ago

i have a 185 ingersoll rand air compressor will start  

but after 2 min will shut off 


Mukilan answered 4 months ago

Cas sir,  What to be done if the pressure is too high? 

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