[video] Rotary vane compressors – a better alternative to rotary screw compressors?

The rotary vane compressor is little known to the general public, but why? I must admit, I don’t have any pages about rotary vane compressors on my website (yet!), so I am guilty as well 🙂

Some time ago I received an email from Andy Jones, general manager of Mattei Compressors Ltd in the United Kingdom. Mattei is the largest manufacturer of rotary vane compressors in the world. After thinking about what he said about rotary vane compressors, I decided that rotary vane compressors deserve more attention from the public, and are a good alternative to rotary screw compressors.

Here’s why:

  • Long operational life (van elements run over 100.000 hours before needing replacement, compared to 20-40.000 hours for rotary screw compressors.
  • Less moving parts
  • Simpler bearing design because there are no axial loads
  • Lower running speed (1000 rpm, vs 3000 rpm typical for screw compressors).

So, I promised him I would add more content about rotary vane compressors. Plus, I like their video on how rotary vane compressors work.

Andy, this one is for you! 🙂


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1 thought on “[video] Rotary vane compressors – a better alternative to rotary screw compressors?”

  1. Most important advantage of the vane compressors are efficiency.
    Even if the screw compressors guy’s installing for free a screw compressor and the give the customer maintenance for free the vane compressor is still the best and cheapest choice.

    Maxima Extreme is most efficient oil lubricated compressor available on the compressor market

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