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Help with your air compressor problems

I want to help you with your (industrial) air compressor problems. I understand downtime of your air compressor is in many cases problematic. Low air pressure will result in malfunctioning machines and plant downtime.

This air compressor troubleshooting guide is divided in three main sections:

  • Reciprocating piston air compressor troubleshooting
  • Stationary rotary screw air compressor troubleshooting
  • Portable rotary screw air compressor troubleshooting

These categories of air compressors have their own specific ‘hickups’ and their own common problems.

Browse the frequently asked questions or ask your own question. I usually answer questions within one day.

Frequently asked troubleshooting questions

Some questions come back again and again. Please see my troubleshooting guides for solutions to the most common air compressor problems.

I have created troubleshooting guides for all the mayor types of air compressors:

Rotary screw air compressor FAQ

Reciprocating compressor FAQ

Portable air compressor FAQ

Ask Your Air Compressor Troubleshooting Questions

Ask your own questions in my brand new troubleshooting forums! These forums replace the old ‘ask your question’ section of my website.

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