Here's a list of questions about troubleshooting of air compressors (rotary screw, reciprocating piston, scroll, turbo, etc).

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Air Compressor Troubleshooting Questions
Compressed Air Temperature very high and oil carry over probelm
Keaser diesel compressor cuts out
XAS97 - won't idle, stalls when valves are closed
Won't Start/Dumping air
Compressor starts up then trips
Sump pressure - not blown down during onload
Running in the wrong direction
alarm: fan M4 I high - trip
first stage discharge pressure high
Oil free
Seperator DP
Air leak even when not under load
High current - compressor trips
Oil become Black
air end celerance
Compressor is not unloading correctly
engine idle
Element Outlet Temperature
Pressure relief - not unloading or regulating pressure
Oil Discharge
Oil and smoke comming from intake suction of screw air compressor Renner
Diesel engine is overheating on Atlas Copco XAS90 portable air compressor
Tripping load time
Dew Point Too High
rotary screw compressor oil problem
compressor keeps running