two compressors less pressure problem

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Cas Staff asked 3 years ago

we are using two compressors at the same time connected to airdryer system but we’ve got only 6bars for both,but we adjust it to 14bars both centrifugal compressors,what do you think is wrong with that?

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Cas Staff answered 3 years ago


It’s hard to answer from behind my computer.
It could simply be that air demand is higher than what the compressors can supply. When you close the output, does it go up to 14 bar?

When you run only 1 compressor, does it go up to 14 bar?

Is the dryer size big enough? If the dryer is too small compared to the air flow, the pressure after the air dryer will be very low.

Good luck. If you have any more questions, please let me know.