Compressed air temperature very high and oil carry over problem

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Guest Staff asked 2 months ago

Hello Cas,

I am Apurba, presently working at Lupin. We have GA75 oil injected screw compressor.
We are facing two problems –

1. In all the compressors the oil and compressed air temperature ( Air + oil mixture after compression) is very high more than 100 Deg C (101-110) though our ambient temperature is 25-30 Deg C. Please cite the reasons and suggestions. We regularly clean Air/oil cooler and air filter and maintain oil level.

2. Also our compressors have oil carryover issue. Please help to tackle these issues.

Thanking you,

Apurba Deka

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Cas Staff answered 2 months ago

Hello Apurba,

Thanks for your questions.

Ok, 25-30 degrees C isn’t that bad and the compressor should run a little cooler normally.

Is this the outside temperature or the temperature in the compressor room?

Please make sure that the compressor isn’t installed in a small space or in a corner. What often happens is that hot exhaust air can’t ‘escape’ quickly enough and is sucked back in through the air intake.

The cooling air is re-circulated again and again and this makes the compressor hot.

I have seen this many times, and sometimes the surrounding area doesn’t even feel that hot!

The best thing to do is to install ducting on inlet and outlet, so the compressor is always taking in fresh outside air.

Besides this… it can happen, when the compressor has been running at high temperatures for a long time, that the inside of the oil cooler is covered in a brown/yellow deposit called ‘oil varnish’.

It’s very hard to remove and most of the time it’s best to just replace the cooler.

And.. for cleaning the outside of the cooler(s)… if it’s just dust, just use a compressed air blow-gun. If it’s oily air (in any workshop where metal is cut, stamped, rolled,etc) .. you better remove the cooler from the machine and use soap and a high pressure (or steam-) cleaner to clean the cooler!

Hope this helps! Please let me know how it works out… some pictures are appreciated too 😉