Free "Industrial Compressed Air Systems" course, anyone?

Know what you must know - for an efficient, optimized, problem-free compressed air system

  • Compressed air basics
  • Troubleshooting
  • Optimization
  • Air quality
  • Compressor types
  • Maintenance
  • Daily operations
  • Diesel compressors

All you need to know in a Quick 7-day course

So, you are interested in joining my free 7-day email course, with the simple title: 

"Industrial Compressed Air Systems" ?


I'm looking forward to teaching you all I know about air compressors and industrial compressed air systems.

Here's what you can expect from this 'Industrial Compressed Air Systems' mini course:

  • Learn about pressure, flow, compressor capacity, pressure drop, etc.
  • The basics of how a rotary screw compressor works
  • How a compressed air system 'works'
  • A great story about me making popcorn, and how it relates to your air compressor
  • Another great story about 1000 liters of water in a compressed air system (could be yours)
  • Basics of compressed air quality (oil, water, dust, and all that nasty stuff), air filters, air dryers...
  • Troubleshooting
  • Diesel (tow-behind) compressors
  • Lots more...

Here at Air Compressor Guide, I am all about:

  1. Optimizing compressed air systems, so they run efficiently (save money!) and without troubles (save money and headaches!)
  2. Troubleshooting air compressor problems - if things do go wrong, I am here to help.

Don't expect any boring bla bla from me.

And don't expect any of that semi-academic industry-terms filled bla bla stuff either.

I explain things straight to the point, easy to understand and with actionable steps for you to improve your compressed air system.

In fact, I've been told I have a great talent for explaining things in easy to follow language 🙂


Tell me a little bit about YOU (so I can help you better, improve the content, etc), and join this free course.