Let's troubleshoot your air compressor together

I have created this troubleshooting guide, to help as many people as possible with their compressor problems.

I will prove you that troubleshooting your compressor shouldn’t be hard, or expensive! You can do it too!

Let me guide you through troubleshooting the problem, step by step.

It’s almost like I’m there with you, with the step-by-step troubleshooting flowcharts that I have included.


Quickly and easily troubleshoot air compressor problems

This guide includes detailed information about the most common rotary screw air compressor problems.


Troubleshoot any compressor

All oil-injected rotary screw air compressors work basically the same. Troubleshoot any compressor, any make or model with this guide.


Almost a done-for-you service

The guide includes troubleshooting flow charts for every problem and for every compressor part. It’s almost like I’m holding your hand.

As a result, you will:


Minimize compressor down time

Don’t wait for the service guys…. troubleshoot your compressor right now!


Have less reliance on external service companies

Fix your compressor when no help is available. During weekends or holidays, or in remote locations.


Save money

Save money on service bills and shorten production downtime

With this troubleshooting guide, anybody can fix basic air compressor problems and save money and time!

Use the included easy-to-follow flowcharts to pinpoint the exact cause of the most common air compressor problems.

Troubleshoot your compressor yourself in minutes!

Problems you will be able to solve


Your compressor won’t start, run or produce air.

Use the included flowcharts to quickly find out why your compressor won’t start or produce air.


Your compressor is overheating

There can be 3 main, completely different, reasons for an overheating compressor. Do you know how to pinpoint the problem?


Low pressure

Having low pressure at your compressed air consumers? Is it the compressor, the piping system, the filters… or something else?


Oil in your compressed air

Learn which two things to check that everybody forgets about.


Water in your compressed air

Is it the compressor, or the dryer? Learn how to quickly fix problems with water in your compressed air.


Compressor overload

Is your compressor tripping on motor overload? Don’t worry, you’ll have it running again in no time. Just follow the checklists.


Many, many more..

See below for a full list of problems you will be able to solve.

Lots of pictures and diagrams!

Because a pictures is worth a thousand words, I have includes many pictures, diagrams, tables and technical drawings.

They show you exactly how every part works and what happens inside your compressor.

Troubleshooting flowcharts!


The guide includes troubleshooting flowcharts for every problem and compressor part.

It will help you to easily pinpoint the exact cause of the problem. Simply follow the flowchart, answer a simple question and find the cause of the problem.

It’s like I’m standing there with you… You just have to follow the flowchart by answering simple question like ‘was the oil changed recently?’, or ‘is air blowing out of valve x?’.

Of course, for every compressor problem I discuss I also include background information, a detailed explanation of the cause of the problem and what to do to fix it.

For every part I explain in detail how it works, how to check if it works correctly, and what to do if the part doesn’t work.

Who Am I And Why Did I Write This Troubleshooting Guide?


My name is Cas and I am crazy about air compressors!

How did I learn all this stuff? My whole professional life I have worked with air compressors. I worked for the biggest air compressor manufacturer in the world as an engineer and product specialist. And I worked in various engineering jobs where air compressors were used or were vital for the correct operation.

Which simply means: I know everything about air compressors.

Plus, I love air compressors and take any chance I get to learn more about them!

I remember when I was a compressor specialist for one of the biggest air compressor brands out there. I was on standby duty and was called at 4 am in the morning to a printing business that had compressor problems: their compressor was down and their whole printing line grinded to a halt.

It took me 1.5 hours to get there. I fixed this compressor in a few minutes. But…

… this company had lost 2 hours of production that the day-shift had to make-up for, and they had to pay my boss at a 200% rate!

I receive troubleshooting questions daily, from all over the world, so I know what the common problems are out there.

And I know that not everyone has access to reliable, quick, professional support from a compressor maintenance company.

Maintenance companies can take hours, or even days, before visiting you with your small compressor and your small (in their eyes) problem.… While you are stressing out over lost production hours, deadlines, angry customers, and things like that.

In other parts of the world, a good service technician are simply not available within a few hundred miles.

What you will get:

This is a 146 page information-packed troubleshooting guide for oil-injected rotary screw air compressors.

My guide will show you how to troubleshoot the most common air compressor problems.

It covers all topics regarding oil-injected rotary screw air compressors.

The complete workings of the whole air compressor is explained. The oil system, the air system, the control system, and all the parts are explained in depth, with pictures and diagrams, and with troubleshooting flowcharts.

But if you don't care about that, and just want to fix your compressor ASAP, that's possible too! Just follow the troubleshooting flowcharts.

To-the-point and plain English

I’m known for my to-the-point writing style, people appreciate is because they want to fix their compressor, not read about it.

Believe me, I always stay on-topic, to-the-point and I explain everything in clear, plain English language that anybody can understand.

Hard copy or direct download

The guide is available as a hard copy (shipped worldwide from the USA) or as a direct download (PDF file).

Satisfaction Guaranteed

I have sold more than 100 copies of this troubleshooting guide and up until now I have not yet received any complaint or refund request!

People simply LOVE my troubleshooting guide, and it helps them tremendously with solving their compressor problems.

Some things that are covered in this guide:

  • The 3 main systems of a typical rotary screw air compressor
  • Overview of all systems and components
  • Workings of the air compression system
  • Detailed explanation of all parts in the air compression system
  • Workings of the oil (cooling) system
  • Detailed explanation of all parts of the oil system
  • Basics and workings of the control system
  • Various types of control system
  • Control system of a modern vs an older compressor
  • Continuous vs load/unload control

Some other things you will learn about:

  • Pressure drop in compressed air systems
  • Compressed air production vs demand
  • Pressure setpoints
  • Water vapor in compressed air
  • Liquid vs vapor water in compressed air
  • (pressure) Dew point
  • Relative humidity and compressed air
  • How oil separator works
  • How the oil scavenge system works
  • How the check condensate traps
  • Oil types and oil filters
  • Main reasons for oil in air
  • Oil separator replacement
  • Starting and stopping a compressor properly
  • Blow of system
  • Load / unload system components and working principle
  • Inlet valve types and operation principles
  • Loading / unloading solenoids
  • Load/unload vs modulation control vs VSD
  • Inlet valve blow off valve
  • Compressor system when running loaded
  • Compressor system when running unloaded
  • Switching from loaded to unloaded
  • Switching from unloaded to loaded
  • Normally open and normally closed inlet valves / solenoid valves and contacts
  • Temperature switch vs temperature sensor
  • Pressure vs vacuum actuated inlet valves
  • How to best clean your oil and after cooler
  • Mechanical vs electrical condensate traps
  • Pressure switch vs pressure sensor
  • Pressure sensing point (local/remote)

And much more...

  • General troubleshooting tips (usable for any technical problem!)
  • Compressed air system overview and components
  • Maintenance, troubleshooting and overhaul kits
  • Explanation of the troubleshooting flowcharts

Problems you will be able to solve:

  • Compressor won't start
  • Overheating compressor
  • Low pressure at point of use
  • Low pressure at compressor
  • Oil in compressed air
  • Water in compressed air
  • Oil out of inlet valve/filer
  • Compressor won't load
  • Overload trip
  • Electrical supply problems(voltage, fuses, etc)
  • Contactors, relays, control panel problems
  • Motor problems(windings, isolation, overload)
  • Stuck screw element (how to check)
  • Flooded screw element
  • Back-pressure from compressed air system
  • Oil cooling system (cooler, thermostatic valve, etc)
  • High temperature warnings and shutdowns
  • Temperature switch / sensor problems
  • Compressor room ventilation problems
  • Dirty coolers (and how to clean them)
  • Oil varnish due to high temperature operation
  • Pressure drop problems
  • Filters, dryers and piping system ratings and problems
  • Capacity problems
  • Scavenge system problems
  • Condensate trap problems
  • Inlet valve problems
  • Check valve problems
  • Oil stop valve problems
  • Loading problems
  • Pressure switch / controller problems
  • Low voltage problem
  • High current (amps) problem
  • Stuck inlet valve problems
  • Leaking inlet valve problems
  • Control system problems
  • Pressure switch & sensor problems
  • Blow-off solenoid problems
  • Air-end (screw element) problems and basic checks
  • Overload at 1st startup problem
  • Oil flow back into element problem
  • Scavenge pipe / line / filter / strainer problems
  • Minimum pressure valve problems
  • Oil cooler problems
  • Overload relay (thermal block) problems

This guide works for every make and model oil-injected rotary screw compressor!

Atlas Copco, Ingersoll Rand, Kaeser, Compair, Chicago Pneumatic, Sullair, Quincy and many more!

Get it now!

The cost of compressor downtime

I worked in a densely populated, industrial part of the world and I was on-site within hours when a compressor went down.

But, the company I worked for charges accordingly. A complaint I often received back then…

In fact, my hourly rate was higher than the cost of this complete guide!!!

An average compressor service technician will cost you at least $60 per hour…bare minimum. Plus they need time and petrol to drive to your site while valuable work time is being lost.

How much does it cost you to lose 2 to 4 hours…or possibly even a whole day of work?

One problem will cost you at least $300 if you don’t know how to fix it. And this is in addition to the hours of downtime while waiting for the man to arrive.

Now you can have this easy-to-use guide, bonus printable flowcharts, all for the cost of significantly less than one service call.

And, you will have your compressor up and running again in no time!

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Jim Bulloch
I purchased a copy of your air compressor trouble shooting book. It is excellent. You have put a lot of home work into this whole program and it is of great benefit. Many thanks.
Just received your book and it is fantastic. I operate 25 diesel powered compressors in twenty countries ranging from 375 to 1100 CFM. Thanks for writing it.
Constantin SANDU
Very well organized and complete. All materials are well presented and the technical language is very clear.The perfection of this guide is the result of passion, competence, perseverance and hard work of site’s author. I wish to author a continuous success.
Kpomasiruchi E. Paul
Thank you for the troubleshooting guide it will help me in my work